Background and focus
The Glitchheart engine has been in development since april 2017 and aims to make game development easier by making everything as simple as possible.

After we watched the Handmade Hero videos we got a taste for the DIY mentality and wanted to do more low-level programming than what we were used to from engines like Unity.

The project started as a hobby project to learn low-level programming in C and to find out how a game engine works.
We're currently using it to develop our first unannounced commercial game.
The engine source is open to use for anyone, but our goal right now is to make the best engine for our games.

Some libraries we use are glfw, fmod, stbi_load and freetype.

Future plans and roadmap
As our game takes shape our focus will be shifted towards it, although the engine will still be updated regularly as we find bugs, improvements to be made or missing features.

Planned features include
- 3D collision
- Improved 3D animation engine
- Vulkan rendering layer
- Console support
- Custom splash-screens
- Multi-line text rendering
- Use of stb_truetype instead of freetype

Current state
The focus has been mostly on 2D rendering, although the engine can load 3D models and play skeletal animations.
We consider the engine to be feature complete for simple 2D games and are currently working on fixing bugs and supporting more platforms, while developing our game with it.


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